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guitar for beginner

T.Burton Forestriver

Forestriver is similar to the Foresthill, however, the former has got a solid cedar top that together with mahogany sides, back and neck offer dynamic, clear and balanced sound. Musicians who prefer playing with a Pick will be equally as satisfied as those who are keen on finger picking or even fingerstyle. Forestriver has got monolithic […]

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T.Burton Sovereign

  Sovereign  is Duke’s brother. The difference between them is that Sovereign’s top is made of solid cedar which makes its sound gentler, with a subtle amount of crispness compared to spruce guitars. Along with a cedar solid top, it has mahogany sides and back so its sound is balanced and crisp. Sovereign is also […]

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T.Burton Bobby

  Bobby is built in cooperation with Robert Kordylewski, a Polish master of Fingerstyle technique. Bobby is a high class guitar designed for guitarists who demand the best quality at a good price. The top of Bobby is solid spruce, whereas the sides, back and neck are mahogany and the fingerboard is rosewood. We used […]

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