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Not just anyone will visit www.tburtonguitars.com. The people who do are true devotees and enthusiasts of music, and guitar lovers. People like you.

We would especially like to present you with the fruits of our passion – guitars, which are more than just ordinary instruments.
T. Burton Guitars, designed for guitar players by guitar players, combine tried and tested solutions and bold innovation. Their high quality is the result of using the most modern production techniques, top grade varieties of wood and the highest of quality finishing materials.
Their original designs attract attention; The creation of exceptional designers. The accessories we use are second to none. The best brands in the business:
– L.R. Baggs
– D’Addario,
– Artec,
– B-Band,
– Fishman,
– Belcat,
– Grover.
The precision of construction and decoration, the eye-catching look, the easiness of play and specific warmth of sounds are characteristics with which T. Burton inspires guitarists to strive above others.
Designs of new instruments await in the nooks of our drawers, we examine materials and parts, constantly refining our prototypes. Whilst searching for the most effective solutions we listen to the comments and advice of () professional musicians who work with us.
We are completely aware of the fact that a guitar should have a soul. We breathe it into each instrument and then we nourish it in the factory, storehouse and shop.
For music. For you. With passion.

T.Burton Queen Bass

Queen Acoustic Bass keeps design of T.Burton Queen acoustic guitar. It keeps its view and the most balanced ra...

T.Burton Lap Steel „Elisabeth”

Extreme Guitar  breaks stereotype of guitar as traditional instrument for conservative people, it's built wit...

T.Burton Rambler

Rambler meets one condition it is extremely loud with very rich and clear sound. Experience shows that guitars...

T.Burton Bobby

Bobby is build in cooperation with Robert Kordylewski, Polish master of Fingerstyle technique. Bobby is a high...

T.Burton Forestriver

Forestriver is similar to Foresthill, however, the former has got a solid cedar top that together with mahoga...

T.Burton Foresthill

Foresthill has won musicians trust no matter whether they are professionals or amateurs. It is an instrument f...

T.Burton Duke

Duke is a high class guitar with clear, transparent, balanced tone. Top is made of solid spruce, whereas sides...

T.Burton Sovereign

Sovereign is Duke’s brother. The difference between them is that Sovereign’s top is made of solid cedar wh...

T.Burton Waterfall

The cheapest solid body guitar at the market. Sound and playability Foresthill like...

T.Burton Queen

Queen is a guitar with spruce top, and mahogany sides and back. Mahogany gives guitar gentle look but above al...

T.Burton Riverside

Riverside is a younger brother of legendary T. Burton Greengo. The only difference between them is a decoratio...

T.Burton Greengo

Greengo has become a legend among the acoustic guitars on Polish market. It has no equal in its class. This in...

Laminate versus solid top

We disprove the myths about the weakness of plywood instruments. Plywood guitars are more resistant to buckling () caused by variable conditions of temperature and humidity. Such instruments tolerate “life on tour” so professional musicians often use them.
Plywood models are: Greengo, Riverside, Raven, Queen and Maiden. The rest of T.Burton guitars have solid spruce or cedar tops: Foresthill, Forestriver, Swallow, SE2006, Rambler and Bobby. These guitars are valued by professional musicians and they are getting more and more popular in Poland.

Body shapes

Dreadnought is the most popular body style introduced by Martin Guitars. The dreadnought incorporates a deeper soundbox than a classical body and therefore provides deeper, clearer and balanced sound. Such a body is used when ultimate power and crisp tone is required to be heard among other instruments.

Jumbo is much bigger than Dreadnought style. It was designed by Gibson who wanted to compete with the Dreadnought. This size provides maximum resonant space for greater volume and sustain. Jumbo-size instruments are usually used to play chords (also called harmonic accompaniment). Its volume is enough to play small performances without additional amplification.

Grand Audytorium’s sound box is bigger than Dreadnought so the sound is louder and deeper but still clear and balanced. You don’t have to worry about the comfort of playing due to narrow waist in center of the sound box. This body shape is perfect to play chords (also called harmonic accompaniment). Its volume is enough to play chamber performances without additional amplification.

Mini Jerry’s size of sound box is similar to a classical guitar. This shape is also called “12”, “OO” or “Grand Concert”. Shorter scale (630 mm) allows to play spread chords easier.
The guitar is comfortable and handy – perfect for fingerstyle musicians. It is also recommended for women or musicians with small hands. Mini Jerry shape is perfect for live performances and studio recordings.


Depending on the model. We carry different types of finish. From simple or multilayer binding to maple inlays. On the top models our guitars have laser-engraved rosette, elegantly carved logos on the headstock and inlaid TB logo on the seventh fret. Our instruments are available in high gloss or mat finishes.


We use the L.R. Baggs Electronics in our instruments. We are the only dealer of L.R. Baggs Electronics in Poland so that we can offer them in competitive prices.

Quality control

We adjust, clean and test our products before delivering them to the shop. Our guitars can be hung on the wall directly after unboxing as they are always tested and perfectly adjusted by our servicemen.

T.Burton guitar users

T.Burton guitars are played by: Ray Wilson, Robert Kordylewski, Michał Zygmunt, Marcel Trojan, Marcin Olak, Krzysztof Błaś, Zbigniew Żak, Maels (StrommoussHeld), Daniel Stanulewicz, Piotr Grossman, Artur Kempa, Tata (Babilon), Bartosz Miecznikowski, Los Desperados, Symetria, Radio Propaganda, Sebastian Bunge, Philip Omlor.

We invite you to T.Burton service dpt. There are people ready to help all acoustic guitar lovers with their issues.


T.Burton Queen Bass

Queen Acoustic Bass the design of T.Burton Queen acoustic guitar. It retains its look and the most balanced ratio of tone and price too. Usually Queen Acoustic Bass is equipped with L.R.Baggs Element Stage Pro, the most popular L.R.Baggs piezo system. Its soft and warm sound is perfect for an acoustic bass, its built-in controllers gives […]

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T.Burton Lap Steel „Elisabeth”

  Extreme Guitar breaks stereotype of guitar as traditional instrument for conservative people, it’s built without any rules or limitations. In extreme guitar wood met steel, hammer met paintbrush, unbound engineer’s thinking met modern, multidisciplinary artist view. Every Extreme Guitar has got unexpected technological solution and its view is the big surprise every time. Particular […]

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T.Burton Greengo

  The first partner in a music journey who’ll stay in your collection for ever. Greengo  has become a legend among () acoustic guitars on the Polish market. It has no equal in its class. This instrument is a perfect guitar for beginners to start their adventure with music, but it satisfies professional players as […]

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T.Burton Riverside

  Riverside  is a younger brother of the legendary T. Burton Greengo. The only difference between them is the decoration. Riverside has a traditional multilayer binding which is () reminiscent of much more expensive instruments. The top of Riverside is made of spruce, sides and back of basswood, the neck is made of mahogany. The […]

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T.Burton Queen

  Queen  is a guitar with a spruce top, and mahogany sides and back. Mahogany gives the guitar a gentle look but above all it gives a round, more powerful and balanced tone. In the standard Queen there are D’Addario EXP strings with NanoWeb technology which increases their vitality by four times. Tuning is easy […]

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T.Burton Waterfall

The cheapest solid body guitar on the market. Sound and playability Foresthill like. Wow…

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